The enclosed informative files describe the essential points and advantages resulting of these integrations.

Each case is a special case, feel free to get in touch and get your wishes considered.


AEC - AiroloPower unit Calcaccia2005/2006Power unit
AEM - MassagnoPower unit La Stampa2009/2019Power unit
AET - BellinzonaPower unit Ponte Brolla2007/2008Power unit
AEW - AarauSubstation 50kV Strengelbach1985Substation
AGE ChiassoSubstation 50/16kV Penz2006Substation
AGE ChiassoSubstation 50/11kV Belfalora2006Substation
AIL - LuganoPower unit Valmara1999Power unit
AMB - BellinzonaPower unit Morobbia2004/2005Power unit
AMB - BellinzonaSubstation 50/16kV Castione2013Substation
AMB - BellinzonaSubstation 50/16kV Cadenazzo2012Substation
AMB - BellinzonaSubstation 50/16kV Bellinzona2015Substation
Argessa - AxpoPower unit Turtmann/Oberems/Meretschi2010/2014Power unit
AUENSTEIN NOK / SBBPower unit Rupperswil-Auenstein2008/2009Power unit
Birs WasserkraftPower unit Büttenen (Partly)2016Power unit
Birs WasserkraftPower unit Moos (Partly)2017Power unit
Birs WasserkraftPower unit Nenzlingen (Partly)2018Power unit
Canton de VaudHighway A5 Yverdon-Neuchâtel (Partly)2017Industry and road services
Canton de VaudHighway A5 Yverdon-Neuchâtel2003 / 2007Industry and road services
Champéry SAPower unit Champéry2017Power unit
DAEL, GenèveTunnel of Carouge2004Industry and road services
DransenergiePower unit Orsières2005/2006Power unit
DransenergiePower unit Sembrancher2009/2010Power unit
eauservice - LausannePump station Prévondavaux2005Water Treatment
eauservice - LausannePump station Froideville, Jorattez, Farquaz2004Water Treatment
eauservice - LausanneReservoir of Grangette2001Water Treatment
eauservice - LausanneDrinking water Treatment Plan Lutry2000Water Treatment
eauservice - LausanneDrinking water Treatment Plan Lutry (Partly)2018Water Treatment
Électricité d’ÉmossonDam Émosson (emergency group)2018Power unit
Électricité d’ÉmossonPumpstation Triège2018Power unit
Électricité d’ÉmossonFacility of Émosson La Bâtiaz and Vallorcine1998/2002Power unit
Électricité d’ÉmossonPower unit La Bâtiaz2007/2008Power unit
Électricité d’ÉmossonSubstation 220kV La Bâtiaz2010Substation
energia alpinaSubstation 60/16kV Tujetsch2001Substation
energia alpinaWater intake Val Strem2017Power unit
energia alpinaPower unit Val Strem2008/2009Power unit
Alpiq - LausannePower unit Bieudron1998Power unit
EW ArosaSubstation 50/20kV Forsch1992Substation
EWA - AltendorfSubstation 132kV Etzelwerke1986Substation
EWE - ErstfeldPower unit Ripshausen2018Power unit
EWE - ErstfeldPower unit Ripshausen1996Power unit
EWG - GrabsPower unit Löchli1995Power unit
EWT - TagenstalPower unit Tagenstal1997Power unit
EWU - UrsernPower unit Realp II (Partly)2017Power unit
EWU - UrsernPower unit Realp2007/2008Power unit
EWU - UrsernFacility of Ursern2004/2005Power unit
EWU - UrsernPower unit Hospental2007/2008Power unit
FMOPower unit Orsières (G1)2018Power unit
FMG - GougraPower unit la Navizence2009/2012Power unit
FMHL - Hongrin LémanPower unit Veytaux2010Power unit
FMM - MauvoisinPower unit Chanrion2013Power unit
FMMB - Martigny BourgPower unit Martigny-Bourg2009/2012Power unit
FOMAB - CollongesPower unit l'Aboyeu2002Power unit
GB - BrienzPower unit Giessbach2018Power unit
GB - BrienzPower unit Giessbach2005Power unit
IBA - AarauPower unit Aarau2013/2015Power unit
KHRPower unit Hinterrhein1994Power unit
KWF - FlüePower unit Flüe2001Power unit
KWL - LungernPower unit Schild2002Power unit
KWZ -ZervreilaPower unit Safien1995Power unit
Legler DiesbachPower unit Linth1996Power unit
Matthey&Cie - ApplesTube shaving system2001Industry and road services
Monthey (SED2)Substation 65kV Bans2018Substation
NOK BadenSubstation 220/50kV Birr1987Substation
NOK BadenSubstation 380/220/10 kV Sils1990Substation
NOK BadenSubstation 380/220/50 kV Beznau1989Substation
NOK BadenSubstation 380/220/50/16 kV Breite1985Substation
NOK BadenSubstation 220/110kV Obfelden1989Substation
NOK BadenSubstation 220/16/8/0,4 kV Ilanz1989Substation
NOK BadenSubstation 220/50kV Wittenwill1990Substation
NOK BadenSubstation 220/50kV Grynau1985Substation
NOK BadenSubstation 220/50kV Oftringen1984Substation
NOK BadenSubstation 220/50kV Sedrun1989Substation
NOK BadenSubstation 220/50kV Wildegg1987Substation
Romande EnergiePower unit Delise2017Power unit
SEFA - AubonnePower unit La Petite Vaux2007/2008Power unit
SEFA - AubonneSubstation 20kV SEFA2008/2012Substation
SEFA - AubonnePower unit Plan-Dessous2000Power unit
SEIC - GlandSubstation 20kV SEIC2007/2008Substation
SEL - LausanneSubstation 125kV Banlieue-Ouest2017Substation
SEL - LausanneSubstation 125kV Romanel2018Substation
SEL - LausanneSubstation 11kV Venoge (Partly)2017Substation
SEL - LausanneSubstation 11kV Leman (Partly)2017Substation
SEL - LausanneSubstation 130/60kV Lavey2009Substation
SEL - LausannePower unit Lavey2003/2006Power unit
SEL - LausanneSubstation 50/11kV Flumeaux2010Substation
SEL - LausanneSubstation 50/11kV Expo2011Substation
SEL - LausanneSubstation 125/11kV Boisy2009Substation
SEL - LausanneSubstation 125/50/11kV Pierre de Plan2014Substation
SI BagnesSubstation 50/16/11 kV Verbier1994Substation
SIG - GenèvePower unit Seujet2018-2020Power unit
SIG - GenèvePump station Genève-Lac-Nation2009Water Treatment
Sta.Maria i.MPower unit Muranzina1995Power unit
FMV - ValaisannesPower unit Pissevache2015/2016Power unit
CFFPower unit Châtelard2015Power unit
Viteos - NeuchâtelPower unit Serrières2016Power unit
SEIC-Télédis - FullyPower unit Verdan2016/2017Power unit
SEIC-Télédis - FullyPower unit Garettes2016/2017Power unit
SEIC-Télédis - FullyPower unit Sorniot2016Power unit
SIG - GenèvePower unit Verbois2016/2018Power unit
SEL - LausanneSubstation 125/50kV Galicien2015Substation
AMB - BellinzonaSubstation 50/16kV Giubiasco2016Substation
SEL - LausanneSubstation 220/125kV Banlieue-Ouest2016Substation
CERN - GenèveHydraulic Welding Press2016Industry and road services
FMM - MauvoisinValves in Villy2017Power unit
Stadtspital TriemliSubstation EWZ and hospital2011/2015Substation
Stricker & CO - GrabsPower unit Stricker1995Power unit
Avançon Energie SAPower unit Vionnaz2019Power unit
M. DevosMill Grez2019Power unit
VadecWaste incineration plant Colombier2019Thermal power plant
SEL - LausanneSubstation 125kV Bellefontaine2019Substation
SyngentaVentilation of a building2018Industry and road services
Romande EnergiePhasor Measurement Unit2018Substation
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