At a glance

Added values



Our philosophy

Behind each project or unit there is a story, restrictions, habits, people looking for new and inventing solutions.

By means of our independence we guaranty our will, to search the most appropriate solution for each customer.

Our mission

To be a reliable and efficient.

To offer our optimal availability as to guaranty the daily exploitation and continuity of your unit.

The permanent search for latest solutions as to optimize your unit.

The constant encouragement to promote the skills of our staff.

Our strengths

A company of a human size, capable to provide customised service.

An interdisciplinary team for a diversified offer.

A structural and financial independence against our suppliers.

Quality Management


Our quality policy is stipulated for the entity of our directives.

We are ISO 9001 – Version 2015 certified.




Establishment of Panel AG,

CH – 1028 Préverenges (Part of SACT Cossonay Holding S.A)


Establishment of Costronic SA,

CH – 1028 Préverenges (Part of SACT Cossonay Holding S.A, Control system activity overtaking from Panel SA)


MBO of Costronic SA


Relocation of the company to CH – 1030 Bussigny

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